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Extr3m3 F1ght3r v18


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Extr3m3 F1ght3r v18
-= fajiil- =-

* 3 sets multi login
* Load set from any where for all sets
* Super fast bullet login
* Double click id relogin
* Run 3 sets multi at the same time
* Bullet kick
* Flood 2 types
* Spy
* Atm machine (send credit to multi ids without captcha)
* Private bomber
* Invisible set exchange
* All multi id as room spy (just touch and select id to chat room)
* Manual multi control
* Single touch id enter room
* Multi ids run if admin kicks
* Auto getlist
* White list
* Auto hide multi
* Auto enter multi
* Auto multi chat
* Auto vote on kick
* Touch kick
* Slang maker
* Brutal kicker
* Roll flooder
* Team messenger (swapper)
* Password changer
* Check multi balance
* Show multi level
* Status for all kind of error
* Editable intervals
* Brutal login for every set
* Brutal kick all user
* One click target and protect save
* Admin detector
* Auto logout on admin detect
* Improved kicking
...and many more
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    Extr3m3 F1ght3r v18: Posted by: Staffs
    PcMig33 | Friday, July 10, 2015
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