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Zx-81 Paranoia {flood, kick}

[click on the image to enlarge]

Zx-81 Paranoia
-= zx-81 =-

* Send Text using Multy
* Auto Kick Changer
* One Shot Kick
* Room Spy

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Borink {flood, kick}

[click on the image to enlarge]


* IP Edit
* Room Spy
* Save Room
* 12 IDs Set
* Multy Flood
* Show / Hide MigPro

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SJCrot! Java Emulator v1.0.0.2

[click on the image to enlarge]

SJCrot! Java Emulator v1.0.0.2
-= VORTEX =-

This version was originally written in Chinese by qzhou or whoever. It was SJBoy Java Emulator Beta4 (v1.0.0.1). I have made some modification to this program, so the result:

1. It won't connect to minisoyo website on loading
2. No menu, only right-click popup menu
3. Increasing buffersize for J2ME socket

The use of this modified program is stil like the old one:

F1 or INSERT Key for Left Soft Key
F2 or HOME Key for Right Soft Key
F3 for Decreasing speed in Java Games
F4 for Increasing speed in Java Games
F6 for Pause in Java Games
F10 for Exit

Removed all custom plugins and replace them with mine. U can find them in plugin folder. There 2 types of plugin, one for you who use Windows Classic/Standard Theme, and the other for you who use Windows XP Theme.


use this plugin if u use Windows Classic/Standard Theme

use this plugin if u use Windows XP Theme

Note that plugin filename with "normal" is for displaying Java Application in real size, and "zoom" is for pixel-doubling or 200% of real size.

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If You Can Not Download Anything From PcMig33

As we have come to know that because of some unknown reason computer Firewall is blocking PcMig33's Download Zone, which is appreantly not any fault created by the PcMig33, we are suggesting you the possible Temporary Solutions and Permanent Solution (till now) to this problem here.

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